As an independent Systems Integrator with over 40 years in the business, TVC's controls systems can be found across many different industries. Our core competency is in the Cogeneration, Power Generation, and Central Utilities areas. However, we have considerable experience in the manufacturing, transportation, and other sectors. The following list is a brief overview of the depth of TVC's expertise:

  • Combined Heat & Power Balance of Plant Control Systems
  • Combustion Turbine Balance of Plant
  • District Heating & Cooling Control Systems
  • Landfill Gas Power Generation
  • Campus Wide Central Utilties Control Systems
  • Web Handling Machine Control and Retrofit
  • Flyash Separation Controls
  • Centralized Waste Storage and Transfer Facility
  • Hazardous Waste Storage Facility HVAC Systems
  • Level Monitoring and Tide Gate Control
  • Liquefied Gas Tank Truck Filling System
  • Food Packaging Control Systems
  • Tunnel Ventilation & Lighting Control
  • Nuclear Power Plant Temperature Monitoring System
  • Vertical Lift Span Bridge Control
  • Bridge Traffic Signal Controls
  • Bridge Caisson Dewatering Control System
  • Batch Polymerization Control System
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