Engineering and Design

Our standard is to meet with every customer to go over all aspects of the project. All forms of customer supplied documentation, including equipment specifications, control narratives, project schedules, P&ID's and customer supplied scope of work, are heavily reviewed.

Project Kick Off Meetings are held for each new contract to ensure that all personnel associated with the project know the entire scope of work. TVC's first priority is to assign personnel to projects based on expertise. We also pay close attention to time constraints when assigning a specific person to a job.

TVC's Purchasing department is a vital component in the acceptance and completion of new projects. Equipment lead-times can become a determining factor in the success or failure of delivering a job on time. Our vendors have been audited and validated to ensure they can deliver what they say they can deliver, on time. TVC's purchasing operates on a JIT or just-in-time system. Project overhead costs are kept to a minimum by ordering what is needed for each project, as it is required.

TVC provides a Functional Specification, Sequence of Operations or Operator Interface Specification for each project it accepts. The Functional Specification is identification of the system's hardware and software to be utilized, and a complete PLC input/output listing (if applicable) with ranges, addresses and descriptions. The Sequence of Operations is a complete description of the software routines and interlocks to be programmed and tested to achieve the desired process monitoring and control. Check out our example documents (PDF - 191KB).

AutoCAD drawings are provided when TVC will be fabricating control panels. Communication between TVC and the customer continues throughout all stages of the project, from the initial proposal, hardware and software design, software development and panel fabrication, through factory acceptance; to ensure that the final system meets all customer requirements.

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