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To present to our customer a complete range of control and information system integration services and use those services to produce a finished product that always fully meets our motto of:

"On Line, On Time, Within Budget, and Right the First Time."


TVC Systems was originally incorporated on February 10, 1966, as Nels Tyring & Associates, Inc., for the purpose of marketing industrial controls and control valves to the manufacturing and process industries. In 1972 the company became involved with the application of programmable controllers. Soon, customers began to require packaging of control hardware, system strategy, design, and software. TVC responded to this demand with an increased engineering staff, certified instrument technicians, shop and panel fabrication capability, and an increasing focus on the - then - new field of Control System Integration.

As a pioneer in control system integration, TVC developed a philosophy of work, requiring the company to always strive to perform its services to result in a project being "On-line, On Time, Within Budget, and Right the First Time". The motto evolved into a continuing company creed during this early period and is a basic part of the company's culture to this very day. The philosophy has resulted both in satisfied customers and important affiliations with the top names in control, software and computing vendors. Our customers not only repeat in their selection of TVC as their Control System Integrator, but recommend us to others as well. Many of the clients in TVC's customer base have been served continuously by TVC for over 20 years.

Our years of history in business have also translated into extremely broad application experience. We have had control system design/build responsibility for projects ranging in diversity from large food manufacturing plants to hazardous waste treatment facilities. These challenges, and scores of other application problems, have been brought to successful, trouble free solutions by TVC's expert control system integration team. The TVC team is very experienced both in the production of control systems, but even more importantly, in working together having an average tenure with the company of nearly twenty years

TVC's geographic area is the world. We have completed projects in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Central and South America, as well as a majority of the United States - from Maine to Hawaii and Wisconsin to Texas.

Online, On Time, Within Budget, and Right the First Time.

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