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January 2011

As a woman owned small business, TVC became certified as a DBE in the State of New Hampshire. We are currently working towards certification in several other New England states.

Download Certificate here (PDF - 375KB)

14 June, 2007

TVC has completed the design and development stages of a large CHP control and information systems integration project with a major souther New England university. Over the following months, TVC will begin installation and testing at the campus' power and central heating plant. The plant will generate 10MW of electricity using a combustion turbine, and steam generated by waste heat from turbine exhaust will generate another 5MW of power and act as a pressure reducing station to bring that steam to campus distribution pressure. The CHP portion of the plant will more than double the efficiency of the fuel used to power and heat the plant, increasing the economy of the process and reducing carbon and other emissions. Three large package boiler will complete the system which will generate 600,000 pounds of steam per hour.

July 2007

Article by TVC CEO Nels Tyring titled "Will Your New Control System Fail" is published in the July 2007 issue of Control Magazine.

Download the article here (PDF - 130KB)

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